Ode to the Shmucks with no sense of Humor Right Now

Can’t nobody take a fuckin’ joke right now, not a one-a ya’s. Wars and shit, people killing people, other people killing those people, drones, tanks, carbines, sling-shots made of metal.

ode to the moron who smacked a joker on TV and boy, are people are pissed off at you, man, I dunno, a lotta people saw that shot, Wow !

ode to the lady who killed her partner at the Pizza parlor, talk about gettin’ cut outta the action, ode to the school teacher who the cops caught whipping’ his weasel to a class room full kids, Twice !(You’d send a guy back to a classroom after he did it once ?!!) You heard me !

ode to the rapper who let down his fans, the whole way, as some of them got squashed at the concert and then died getting pushed around by a jacked-up crowd, the cops were trying to help him figure it out before the show started, I mean, is everybody drinking’ from the same well or what ?

Can’t we all just get a grip ? The shooters, the grandma-rapers, the CFO embezzlers, the Boy-Scout perverts, the homicidal zipperheads, the angry wives, kitchen knife in hand, waiting on that cheating husband while they finger that fresh sharpened blade, look out, baby ! Look out ! Well, he didn’t have much in the way of the saving graces, the positive traits, having cashed the check he grifted the little old lady out of, now he’s gettin’ what’s coming’ to him, man. Yo ! I saw the squad cars, quiet, their red lights flashing, cops in their black uni’s, close shaven, keepin’ the hair oil companies in business by themselves

One of these days, I’m going on a fast, no more electronics, I mean it, stop looking at the nightmares shaking up my brain cells, what little I got left, putting the car in reverse, backing over that iPhone, just to make sure it’s dead, and it’s not gonna make me go get another one, cause I can’t get enough, and I don’t want to admit it, just to be calm, resting, cause there’s not enough to satisfy, never, gotta have more. OK, I turned the volume down, OK, I just grabbed a book, a real one, and I’m opening it.

I need to be sent to spring training, smack a few flies, grab a few grounders, think about joining the Human Race again, maybe.

This has gotta stop ! Wait. I think I hear them knocking on the door, I think I need a breather right now. I think I need to breathe.

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