The Wanderer Nomad


JJ Kennedy

JJ Kennedy has always been a guy with the soul of a poet.

WHY DO I WRITE- I write for a chance to share my truth with others a chance to bond with my fellow readers/ travellers, to embrace the struggle of living, and to laugh.

Like many artists, I’ve suffered from low self-esteem and self doubt. Plenty of writers and artists go through these periods, just like the rest of humankind.

As a kid, I was the designated doormat, or so it seemed to me, maybe I was just stubborn.

In my late teens I auditioned for a theatre school and got in. I had a modest amount of success at that time, but then my fears took hold, living in the Midwest, and I thought about trying my luck in California, and off I went, to the Bay Area, outside San Francisco, doing odd jobs, falling in love for the first time, working in the theater every now and again.

But I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere, and decided to move south to Los Angeles, again to try my luck.where I did service type jobs, and auditioned for things, off and on, and long story short, I kind of lost my way.

What happened next was I stopped drinking alcohol,(I never liked it) then I stopped smoking pot(boring).

And there was a time in my 50’s when I discovered creative writing, and self-expression, full on.

I began writing in workshops, along with reading my written stuff in the classes and at open mikes. Then along came the Internet, and I began learning that I could be reaching a larger audience indeed.

So now, here we are, about to launch our own landing page. I want to use this to share, to bond, and to laugh with you.

I hope you will be inspired to find your voice to go into the world and…

Express yourself !  Make Art, if you want ! And in some way, to Dance the Wild Dance called Life !

OK all for now.