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About The Wanderer Nomad

Joe Kennedy has always been a guy with the soul of a poet.

I’m what you might call a late bloomer.

I write for a chance to share my truth with others- a chance to bond with people who enjoy my point of view to embrace the struggle of living, and to laugh. Like lots of artistic types, I’ve suffered from self-doubt, low self-esteem, just like the rest of humankind. I’ve learned that it’s better to pick one’s self up and continue on. It’s a much better way of going. Far more satisfying.

When I was six, my grandfather let me run wild in his personal library of 6,000 books. I read The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe, and it set my hair on fire…

Later, in Boston, in the Catholic high school my mother sent me to, I read for a two-man play with another student, which our English teacher produced and directed, and we did the show at a local movie theatre up the street (7 in the morning, for the all-male student body, up too early, half asleep, coerced by the faculty to see this extravaganza, god bless them everyone!)

Then, later in the school year, I joined the Pilgrims Company at the Old South Church in Copley Square, as an actor, at the urging of that English teacher. And I fell in with quite an interesting cast of characters, getting comfortable in the spotlight, discovering skills I didn’t know I had.

Then, a little later on, I auditioned for a theatre school in Chicago and I got in on a grant/small loan. This was a big change. I stayed at school for a couple of years. Then, I wasn’t asked back, which at the time I didn’t like so much, looking back, they were right. Getting a Certificate from the school might have been helpful, but that meant I’d need to get a degree somewhere else. And I wasn’t so much of a study bopper then, truth be known. I got cast in a couple of shows around town, in Chicago, including a road production of an Obie award-winning play, and I moved out West.

Long story short, I got to Los Angeles in 1978 as an actor, lost interest for a while, then developed an interest in writing around 2006.

So. I got material, and I’ll be sharing it.

And off we go!